Drs S & N Waddell Dental Practice

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The practice carries out most treatments from the simplest examinations and second opinions through to complete restorations of the entire mouth with advanced conservation.


We accept new patients but only with a direct referral from a colleague or by a recommendation of an already existing patient.


The ethos of our practice is the long term retention where possible of all the teeth in each patient and this ethos is therefore principally orientated towards prevention and regular health checks.


We treat patients from under two years to over 98 years of age.


We confine our treatments to those elements that we have years of experience in, whilst working in association with top specialists in procedures requiring advanced implants, hospital based procedures and orthodontics.


Our treatments are oriented towards predictable outcomes. We have an expectation of longevity of restoration.

No list of treatments will be entirely comprehensive but they commonly divide into the following groups:

Examinations Bleaching Implants Periodontal Fillings Crown & Bridge Dentures