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Sports guards

If you or your children are involved  in contact sports you should consider a sports guard.


Sports injuries to teeth are permanent and expensive. We are often talking about teenagers and therefore the possibility of them having to put up with a lifetime of damaged front teeth.


A sports guard only works if it fits properly. I personally think that a loose mouth guard is dangerous.


They should be comfortable otherwise they will not be worn full time.


Unfortunately this means youngsters need a replacement one every year as their teeth change. Usually in September at the start of the autumn term. However for an adult with no dental/tooth changes, they can last  for years.


Sports guards come in a ridiculous range of colours patterns and stripes. If possible stick to a simple school colour as it keeps the costs down.


As a matter of common sense our sports guards have your name embedded in them which is useful when they are misplaced. It would  also be nice to think that you will only ever try to insert your own.


Costs start at £45 but are substantially more expensive if you must have the "Stars and Stripes", multicolour's or a "Union Jack" incorporated.


The link below takes you to one of the laboratories we use. They take about 10 days to make a sports guard following your initial visit when we will take an accurate impression of your upper teeth.


Sports guards work by spreading the force of a head, boot or elbow during a collision. They reduce the chances of your own teeth smashing against each other and penetrating injuries of the lips.


They are made from a flexible, comfortable plastic and can only limit injury in severe circumstances.



Boxing guards are very different. Please ensure that we know what use you will put it to!

Sports Guards