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Snore guards

We snore because our airway is restricted by the rearward position of our tongue when we lower muscle tone at the back of our throat during sleep.


If the disturbance to sleep for everyone else were not bad enough, in some cases we stop breathing for intervals which stresses our cardiovascular system. (Sleep apnoea)


"The solution" is relatively simple. We construct an appliance that forces the lower jaw forward and in so doing makes it harder for the tongue to fall back and obstruct breathing.


The device is laboratory made and consists of what looks like an upper and lower mouth guard. When in position, a thin band on either side prevents the lower jaw slipping backwards.


These devices are bulky and expensive. To a large extent I am on a learning curve as to how well they are tolerated.


There is a range of adjustment as to where the lower jaw is positioned.


Theory is one thing, practical use is another.  


Cost  £200



There are several designs for these devices which work in similar ways.  I am not aware of anything that could be regarded as a simple or reliable solution to this problem in all cases.


Beyond these mechanical guides to lower jaw position there are auditory alarms, devices to position the whole body, nasal decongestants and in the case of sleep apnoea various alarms and interventions to help maintain the airway for breathing.


Snoring affects all ages but is made worse by lowered muscle tone, obesity, nasal congestion, mouth breathing and alcohol consumption.


The plethora of solutions rather indicates to me that snoring is multi-aetiology or that different cures suit different people. This leaves everyone reliant on claimed cures rather than statistical data.



If you have been "cured" send me some details of your age, sex, weight, fitness, how quickly it worked , costs, availability and how comfortable it was so that I can pass the best of information on to other patients.



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