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The practice was started in 1919 by Mr. Roper Hall, an eminent dental practitioner and President of the British Dental Association.  

Mr Roper Hall was involved in the inclusion of dentistry in the NHS in 1948. Inspite of this, the practice remained independent of the NHS .

During the post-war years the practice was joined by Drs. Adcock, Spafford and Ince. During this time the practice was located on Calthorpe Road and also operated a London satellite practice in Harley Street.


The practice relocated to 38 Harborne Road in the early 1970s.


After 40 years in practice Dr. Ince  retired in1996.  Nina, his daughter, with Stephen continued the practice from then onwards.


During the last 75 years there have been three generations of Dental Surgeons


Both Stephen and Nina have been Practitioners for over 30 years.


We both qualified at Birmingham Dental Hospital, (1978 and 1980)


Stephen spent about 20 years in general NHS practice before joining the practice. During that time he served on Birmingham' s Local Dental committee and was a senior partner in one of Birmingham's larger group practices.


Nina spent time in both adult and child dental care in the community services whilst starting and looking after a young family.


We both work full time, often in direct support of each other. At the heart of the Practice is the concept of maintaining a small family based organisation that can retain a personal relationship with all of our patients.


The practice relocated to its new address of No. 1 Nursery Road, Edgbaston in July 2014. The new building has two  ground floor surgeries with additional first floor facilities.

steve and nina front door

The main ethos of the Practice is strongly preventative with the aim of keeping our regular patients’ teeth functional and healthy well into their 80s and 90s.


Both Nina and Stephen are members of the British Periodontal Society.


We have a good network of very experienced specialist colleagues for any referrals that might arise.

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