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Thirty years ago,  I would be working on four or five cases every day. Now we do very few as we are able to increase the longevity of the existing teeth.


This is both the easiest and hardest area of dentistry and it all hinges on whether you can reach your patients expectations.


This expectation range runs from the incredibly easy to the "needs a miracle" group.



The degree of variation of dentures and the degree of variation of patient requirement means that we can only give a rough guide price that reflects the highs and lows and the most common ranges.



For acrylic (plastic) dentures our range runs from £180 for a simple single denture through to £450 for a straightforward basic full set of dentures. A complex set  will be around £700 and above.


Metal dentures usually based on chrome cobalt range from £385 to £420 per denture.

                                          based on gold alloys, they range from £800 upwards.


Advanced prosthetics that integrates crowns, precision attachments and/or implants can only be priced following a full case assessment.


I have tried flexible partial dentures and I am not an enthusiast, however my patient seemed happier than I was!