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We hope you are all keeping safe and well. It is strange not being able to see you all at the moment.

In general most dental problems are preventable, normally we are there to fix things when they go wrong, clean the areas you cannot and keep you updated and motivated on how to effectively look after your mouth. We have enjoyed helping you understand what you need to do to keep your mouth as healthy as possible, it is a team effort! It seems that for most of you this is working well judging by the number of calls we have had so far. It has been a pleasure looking after such a well motivated, sensible intelligent group of patients. Even so it will still be possible for dental problems to arise so we hope that the advice below might be helpful, if not you can always ring us on 07973159798.


GOOD NEWS  - For most people their teeth should last a life time as most dental disease is preventable, effective regular cleaning and a healthy diet should help keep you safe until normal dentistry resumes.

Early gum disease (gingivitis) and tooth decay (caries) is reversible -  advice on next page

More established gum disease involving some bone loss (periodontal disease) can be stabilised in most people


Check list for keeping your mouth safe

Clean your teeth effectively and regularly with manual or electric toothbrushes or both

Use disclosing tablets on occassion to check that you are being effective and not using too much force.

Eat a healthy diet with low infrequent sugar consmption and plenty of coloured veg to keep the gums healthy

Remove the bacteria that can stagnate between the teeth and become more harmful to keep the gums tight like elastic bands to keep the bacteria in the mouth out of the blood stream and to maintain bone support around the teeth.

Avoid using your teeth as tools or eating risky foods like pop corn or pork crackling

Do not brush your teeth straight after consuming acid foods and drinks, saliva is the best mouthwash money cannot buy and will stabilise the tooth surface in about an hour.

Use a higher fluoride toothpaste or mouth wash to strengthen the tooth surface

Wear a night guard if you grind or clench your teeth at night to reduce wear and reduce future fractures

See a dentist regularly (when things return to normal) to identify problems at an early stage so that the appropriate treatment or advice can be given to prevent things deteriorating.


Increased risks during the pandemic can be caused by :-

Changes in diet - comfort eating - increased snacking and sugar - reduced availabilty of fresh coloured fruit and vegetables (high in vitamins and anti oxidants).

Tooth clenching and grinding - can be incresed by stress If we have a recent model we can get replacement night guards made or you can try wearing bleaching trays if you have them. If you find yourself clenching during the day put small stickers on you phone, computer screen or any where you look regularly to check if your teeth are together.

Changes in daily routine - stay motivated and keep up effective regular tooth cleaning

Running out of dental products - make sure you have the tooth care products you need - we have some supplies and can send you some products if you are struggling to get hold of what you normally use (available product list at the end of this advice).


More detail on the advice above and how to stay dentally healthy can be found on the following pages.