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                                                                   BLEEDING GUMS

Most of the bacteria in a normal mouth are good guys it tends to be when they collect and stagnate in areas between your teeth that they cause problems. The bacteria works together and become more harmful with time, like gangs in a city. The tooth brush cannot get in to these spaces particularly between the larger back teeth so some sort of interdental cleaning is advisable.  TePe Easy Pick orange sticks easy to use as testing be your own dentist sticks. They are thin and flexible and safe to use. If you push them between your teeth, I usually advise starting just behind a lower canine as they are easier to access you need to check three things, is it uncomfortable, does it bleed and does the stick smell fresh or unpleasant?

The reason for the discomfort the first time you use the Easy Pick is that the bacteria stagnating between the teeth have micro ulcerated the surface of the ridge of gum between the teeth and it feels like touching a minor graze on your skin. This will go away once the bacteria has been disrupted by the stick and the next time you repeat the process (24 hrs later) it should not be uncomfortable. Any bleeding should also have stopped and the smell should have gone. This might take 2-3 daily goes but no more. We are looking long term so it is good to start with one tooth, prove it works and then add more spaces. Research shows that if you are a non smoker and your gums do not bleed you should be part of the about 92% of people who will not get bone loss (Periodontal Disease). This is a really positive outcome.

Keeping your gums healthy i.e. not bleeding is also linked to keeping you healthier as inflammatory gum disease where the gums no longer seal like elastic bands around the teeth and allow bacteria in to the blood stream and is linked to heart attacks and other serious health problems.


Tooth Fractures

A tooth fracture can vary from a small chip to splitting the tooth in half with very different outcomes.


Preventing damage

If you have any complex dentistry particularly in the front of the mouth there are things that you can do to reduce your risk of problems.

Once a tooth structure has been cut it is not as strong as an untouched tooth. teeth are designed to bite through food in a vertical direction any tearing or lateral forces applied are more likely to lead to possible failure. It is amazing how harmful tough bread can be if it is pulled laterally. If you have complex work using a knife can be a safer cheaper option, teeth should not be used as tools the crowns are only as strong as the tooth structure underneath. The forces applied to teeth ..