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As we get older some peoples teeth get gradually darker and in some individuals they were never that light to start with.


This really has very little to do with the surface stains we see on teeth from tea and coffee and is the natural change that colours the entire tooth structure during our lives.


So if the teeth are simply stained, they will look far better with a simple scale and polish. Equally even when we have whitened your teeth they can still become stained and they will gradually start to darken again usually over a period of three or more years.... and yes you can then just repeat the treatment.


Whitening is advertised variously as "Power",  "Laser", surgery (fast) or home/tray (slow) bleaching and frankly there is a lot of marketing behind the various claims.


If you want to change the colour of teeth, then a gradual process will create a longer lasting effect using chemicals that are simply safer because they are used at a lower concentration.


Whitening systems use gels that liberate high levels of oxygen and it is this oxygen that lightens the tooth colour. The concentration of these gels  varies about four fold, with those used in home use usually around 10% and surgery systems at around 35%.


It is most unusual but systems using gel at 35% can cause localised burns to the gums and therefore these are used with great care and with various protective systems. These concentrated gels work better if there is gentle localised heating which is provided by specialised lights which are confusingly described as power or laser lights!


The high concentration systems do work but much of their apparent effect initially is due to the desication of the tooth... it is white because the gel has sucked all the water out of the tooth surface. There is no evidence that I am aware of that this chemical drying causes damage.


It may be clear from the above that we favour the gentler and somewhat slower system that lies entirely within your control, that is a home based close fitting tray procedure.


We simply researched what in our opinion was the USA principal provider with the longest safety record in this field which was OPTIDENT and we have used their products with confidence since.


It works, it is gentle, it takes a minimum of two weeks and your teeth will usually not be as white as some TV personalities unless you continue for a month.


You simply place a small amount of the gel in a clear cover that fits over your teeth like a gumshield and leave it in all evening or overnight. The cover is incredibly thin and you quickly get used to it.


What goes wrong... Your teeth can become temporarily more sensitive...2 to 3 days.

                                ....You can find you cannot tolerate the taste or the trays in your mouth.



Finally,.. Cost  £300

Tooth whitening